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Sharon Sprung is a highly accomplished painter and artist known for her vibrant and colorful palette. She is best known for her use of bold colors and dynamic brushstrokes, which give her paintings a sense of movement and energy. Despite her success as an artist, little is known about her personal life. Sharon Sprung began her career as a painter in the early 2000s, and quickly gained recognition for her unique style. She is known for her ability to create depth and movement in her paintings through the use of contrasting colors and dynamic brushstrokes. She often works with large canvases, allowing her to create large-scale works that are both striking and impactful.

Sharon Sprung Paintings

In her paintings, Sharon Sprung often explores themes of nature and the natural world. She is particularly drawn to the beauty of the changing seasons and often incorporates elements of the landscape into her work. Her paintings are often characterized by movement and fluidity, giving them a sense of life and energy.

Sharon Sprung paintings have been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, and she has gained a reputation as one of the most talented and innovative painters of her generation. Her work has been featured in numerous publications, and her paintings are held in the collections of many prestigious institutions.

In addition to her paintings, Sharon Sprung is also known for her work as a teacher and mentor. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with other artists and often leads workshops and classes to help others develop their skills.

Sharon Sprung life and career are not well documented in online platforms such as Wikipedia. This lack of information also applies to a TV show or Sprung. But her artworks and paintings can be found on her personal website and in some art galleries.

Sharon Sprung is a highly talented painter and artist known for her use of vibrant colors and dynamic brushstrokes. Her paintings are full of movement and energy, and she has gained a reputation as one of the most innovative painters of her generation. Despite the lack of information about her personal life, her artwork speaks for itself and continues to inspire and captivate audiences around the world.



The White House Verifiable Affiliation asked Sprung to paint a true picture of former First Lady Michelle Obama in the White House. She worked on the canvas for nine months, but she ran into minor issues due to White House protocol when she wanted to rearrange things for better lighting or a scene piece. Generally, the representations are revealed during the succeeding president’s administration; however, the Trump administration never held the service for the Obamas. Accordingly, Sprung kept the finished representation in her studio. Because of a non-revelation understanding, she needed to keep it concealed for quite a long time until it was at last uncovered in 2022 by the Bidens. It was accompanied by a portrait of Barack Obama by Robert McCurdy. At the disclosing occasion, the previous president said thanks to Jumped for catching all that he adores about Michelle, including her effortlessness, insight, and the way that she’s wonderful.

Sharon Sprung Biography

Full Name Sharon Sprung
Nick Name Sharon
Date of Birth 1953
Living Place Brooklyn, New York
Age 77
Sexuality Female
Profession Painting / Art Techer
Nationality American
Marital status Married
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Hobbies Painting
Education National Academy of Design, New York, NY


Art Students League, New York, NY


Cornell University, Ithaca, NY


Physical Appearance

Height 5 feet 2 Inch
Weight 62 Kg / 132 Pound
Hair Color Black & White



Father name Mr. Sprung
Mother Name Mrs. Sprung
Spouse N/A       (   Psychotherapist )
Daughter N/A
Son N/A



Social Media

Tweeter N/A
Website N/A


Net worth

Net worth 1-2 Million US Dollars


Contact Details

Mobile Number (917) 305 0003
Email Id



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